Urology Department

Welcome to Our Urology Department




  1. to provide the best available, cutting-edge approach while offering compassionate care to our patients with urological disease
  2. To generate new medical knowledge and discoveries in the laboratory and through clinical research
  3. To educate the next generation of leaders in the art and science of urology

This team of specially trained physicians uses proper technology and sound procedure techniques. Physicians/support staff, here are dedicated to your success as they look to treat and maintain urologic conditions.

Urology provides the highest quality patient care in urologic cases such as kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, female urology,), male infertility, incontinence, neuro-urology, prostate enlargement or BPH operations using TURP, prostatitis, urinary tract infections, urinary obstruction, urinary discomfort, scrotal problems.

The team is led by Dr. Mohamed Attiah