Pediatrics Department

Welcome to Our Pediatrics Department

Shaafi Hospital Pediatric Department seeks to improve the health of children in Mogadishu, other regions of Somalia and beyond through excellence in the care of patients and families through highly qualified professionals and state of the art technology.



Department Goals

> To achieve the highest possible patient care on scientific basis administrates with care and empathy

> To combine the highest standards of current techniques and technology

> To prevent diseases through the use of different types of prevention levels

> To ensure optimal care of a child in combination with knowledge, experience, and understanding both for the sick child and anxious parents

Pediatric staffs are always on hand to answer questions regarding your child’s health enabling you to give your child the comfort and support he needs during his hospital stay.


The Department composes of:

OPD Clinics covering 24 hours

IPD services

Neonatal  Care

Newborn Nursery


Working Hours:  24/7