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cardiologist-salaryWelcome to Our General Surgery Department

Surgical Services at  Shaafi Hospital provide life-saving and quality of life-restoring treatments by experienced surgeons from all fields of Surgery.

Department of Surgery combines the skills of surgeons with expert peri-operative care by specially trained doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

The Department provides a range of complete surgical procedures, laparoscopic surgery, plus non-invasive diagnostic testing like cystoscope, rectos copy, bronchoscope, etc.

 Surgery Programs:

> Anesthesiology

> Thoracic Surgery

> General Surgery

> ENT Surgery

> Others


> General Surgery specialist

> Thoracic Surgeon

> Laparoscopic Surgeons

> ENT Surgeon

> Anesthesiologist

> Well trained OT Nurses

> Well Trained OT Support staff

> Others

24 hour services available

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